Find out more about Le Fer à Cheval, Hotel in Megève

Le Fer à Cheval’s history reflects Megève’s transformation from an agricultural village to a prestigious ski resort.

The beginning: a traditional base camp

In the 1960s, Fernande and Charles Sibuet open the hotel on the former site of the village blacksmith. The name “Fer à Cheval” (or horseshoe) has endured and pays tribute to Megève’s history and to this traditional trade.

Today, the heat of molten metal has been replaced by delicious breakfasts which guests can enjoy in what was formerly the blacksmith’s workshop in Megève. 

The 4th and 5th stars: a stylish ascent to the height of luxury

In 1988, Marc Sibuet, the oldest son of Fernande and Charles Sibuet, takes over the management of the hotel with a new vision: creating unique memories for hotel guests with a luxury experience in the French Alps. This exclusive experience, unique to Megève, and a passion for this region soon prove popular with travellers.

The hotel expands, with a permanent focus on providing a stylish Alpine experience, combining quality materials including stone and wood with gourmet cuisine made with delicious local products from the Alps and high-end services.

From 1995 to 1996, Le Fer à Cheval renovates a typical mountain chalet called Les Molliettes. It provides guests with an authentic experience in an exclusive setting, featuring cliffs, waterfalls and mountain pastures.

1999sees the opening of the restaurant L’Alpage which serves Savoie specialities, made using the very best local products.

In 2005, a new seminar roommeasuring 180m2 was built as a venue in which the hotel’s loyal and distinguished guests could hold their professional and personal events.

In 2007, Le Fer à Cheval opened its 450m2 spa with its superb indoor swimming pool.
Le Traditionnel’s wine list continues to expand and now features 270 carefully chosen vintages from France and around the world. It’s a real treat for wine lovers.

The property’s focus on luxury and tradition was recognised in 2007 with a fourth star.

In 2012, the hotel received the ultimate honour: a fifth star, thereby earning its place among France’s most prestigious hotels.

With its eternal quest for perfection, Le Fer à Cheval has become one of Megève’s most famous addresses and the ultimate venue for memories which will last a lifetime.


In the 20th century, this historic village became an incredibly popular destination for mountain enthusiasts, in both summer and winter.

Stylish and welcoming, this gem of a resort offers its visitors a combination of activities, cuisine and relaxation like nowhere else on earth.